#StyleJourney with Nicole Siobal

nicoleNicole, another speaker from our 2015 Blogger’s Summit shares her story and gives some great advice about getting yourself out there. In starting her company she not only gave up her old job but completely changed industries as well! Talk about brave and ambitious!

Check out en.JOYYE here.

#StyleJourney with Fern Langham

Loved her at our Blogger’s Summit and want to know more? Check out our latest podcast interview with Fern, founder and CEO of Thyroid.Yoga and co-founder of Bliss Out Wellness!

When her situation and her health left her searching for a new direction she was able to take her life into her own hands. A happy and fulfilling life was her ultimate goal and through self-exploration, self-affirmation and yoga that dream was suddenly attainable. But who am I to tell her story? Listen to her amazing story on Soundcloud and hear it told by Fern herself!

Learn more about Fern’s coaching, events and retreats at http://thyroid.yoga/ andhttp://yogawithfern.com and apply for a complimentary Clarity Session with Fern on Thyroid.Yoga.

#StyleJourney with the Women Behind Children and Youth First

In our second episode of #StyleJourney we sat down with Haushala Thapa and Amanda Brown from CYF and talked about Haushala started the organization.

In 2008, Nepali 21-year-old Haushala Thapa’s volunteer work led her to discover that a Kathmandu orphanage was abusing its children. So, overnight she mobilized the national police, shut down the orphanage, and rescued all 14 kids. To provide them with sustained access to their fundamental rights, she founded the boarding school Life Vision Academy and the NGO Children and Youth First. In 2013, she founded the Haushala Women’s Cooperative to provide business opportunities and social strength to marginalized women. In the wake of April 2015’s earthquakes, Haushala has also been leading dynamic relief programs that are providing long-term sustainable aid to the most at-risk and in-need villages.

Life Vision Academy currently provides a safe home and progressive education to 45 children, and CYF is in the process of building a larger, better school facility that will accommodate 200 students. The Haushala Women’s Cooperative currently has twenty members, with four new hubs currently training in earthquake-stricken areas. These new hubs will teach earthquake victims how to knit, stitch, and sew, but will also introduce new business opportunities through unconventional craft programs for women such as carpentry and metalwork.

You can check out CYF’s websites for more information on their cooperative and their school. For more about Haushala, she graduated from St. Xaviers College with a degree in social work. Her years of volunteer experience include working with street children through CWIN, youth mobilizing in Norway with Save The Children, mobile clinics for rural areas with Social Action Volunteers Nepal, and the Pashupati nursing home. She has also worked with the Ministry of Women and Children and Social Welfare for the National Center for Children at Risk, helping lost and found children, from 2008 to 2009. She was recognized by VOW magazine’s 2008 “Top Ten College Women” list, and also collaborated with USAID on a short film about AIDS. Haushala now runs freelance training on personality development and leadership in various social work colleges in Kathmandu.

CYF became incorporated in the US as a 501c3 in 2013; we fundraise and advocate here in support of our Nepal team’s work on the ground. Amanda Brown is the Executive Director of this US team and they have team members up and down the east coast. In college Amanda studied education and human rights in Nepal, and was randomly placed into a homestay with Haushala. As soon as Haushala introduced her to the school and cooperative, she was hooked. Ever since Amanda returned back to the states, she’s been leading the US team to support our work in Nepal. Haushala and her husband are visiting our team in the US for a fundraising and promotional tour for the month of July this summer.

Vilasify Presents #StyleJourney

Did you know we started a podcast series?

Yup! We did.

#StyleJourney is all about taking our concept of the #stylejourney we’ve introduced in our fashion work, and applying it to the business world as well. We’re talking to entrepreneurs in the fashion and media industries and discussing where people started, where they are now and what they’ve learned along the way. The series is fun, internationally-focused and is especially great for listeners interested in potentially starting their own business.

To get more of a feel for what we’re doing and to learn more about our show, check it out here.

Right now, #StyleJourney is exclusively on Soundcloud, but we are coming soon to iTunes!