#StyleJourney with Nicole Siobal

nicoleNicole, another speaker from our 2015 Blogger’s Summit shares her story and gives some great advice about getting yourself out there. In starting her company she not only gave up her old job but completely changed industries as well! Talk about brave and ambitious!

Check out en.JOYYE here.

Vilasify Presents #StyleJourney

Did you know we started a podcast series?

Yup! We did.

#StyleJourney is all about taking our concept of the #stylejourney we’ve introduced in our fashion work, and applying it to the business world as well. We’re talking to entrepreneurs in the fashion and media industries and discussing where people started, where they are now and what they’ve learned along the way. The series is fun, internationally-focused and is especially great for listeners interested in potentially starting their own business.

To get more of a feel for what we’re doing and to learn more about our show, check it out here.

Right now, #StyleJourney is exclusively on Soundcloud, but we are coming soon to iTunes!

The Road to the Vilasify 2015 Blogger Summit

If you have been following us on social media, you probably know that Vilasify is hosting its first ever Blogger’s Summit in New York City in a few weeks. If not then we’ll just fill you in:

We, at Vilasify are building a community of influential individuals in the fashion and media industry where writers, retailers and designers can work together to build their brand and followings and learn from each other along the way. We have an exciting lineup of successful speakers that are going to share their experiences and share their secrets to brand building.

They’ll teach you new ways to approach writing, the best method of reach your target audience and give tailored advice on how to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with retailers and designers. Learn how to further build your audience, expand your reach and build your brand into a multimillion-dollar franchise. This is the perfect opportunity to network, chat about the newest trends and learn about writing and marketing strategy from the best. Join this revolutionary community and transform your blog from ordinary to extraordinary.

Food and beverages will be provided and a portion of our proceeds will benefit our local Girls Inc. branch.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit our event site here!

So in the weeks leading up to the event we will give you exclusive information about our speakers, our cause and what’s next for Vilasify. And of course stay in touch with us over social media for daily updates from our crew.

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