Where’s Fashion?

By Molly Rose

Fashion is not just in the hair. It’s in the air, too.

Everywhere you look there is some design related feature that inspires up and coming fashion trends. They even inspire movements, in which a collective group uses modes of design to make a public statement.

Fashion designers, artists, and architects are coming together across continents to change and inspire the world– but to become what? To become more connected and more seamless.

blog post

Take this image above. What may seem like just a colorful building is actually a public art project and collaboration between Dutch artists Joeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn and a local team in Santa Marta favela, a “shantytown,” in Rio de Janiero Brazil. This team has one ultimate goal: to “alter depressed public spaces in ways that attract positive attention and economic impulses” (ideas.ted.com). Selfless, much?

This is exactly what fashion needs— a lesson on how to become more selfless.

Think: how can we as fashion designers collaborate with artists, architects, maybe even engineers to make positive change? Is there a way to blend ideas of various occupations and cultures into our daily dress?

blog post 2

This image above is another example of selfless design. It is incredibly innovative and powerful, too. Could you tell that this building– located in Matsushima, Japan– is an inflatable “mobile concert hall”? It’s true—it can be inflated/deflated in just under two hours and packaged onto a bus. (Ideas.ted.com)

Although it is temporary, the structure itself complements what music is all about: resonating the soul in a lyrical and sound way.  The linear elements, the fluid shapes of the structure as well as the fuchsia tones are definitely visuals that can be made into a textile, sewn into a dress, or used as upholstery. Maybe we can take it a step further and produce inflatable garments and curtains…

The future of design is collaboration and selflessness. How will you contribute to this movement yourself?

To see the images above as well as other innovative designs, click the link below.



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