The Top 7 Ways to Wear White this Summer (From Sao Paulo Fashion Week)

By Paula Bossolani

There is a tradition in Brazil of wearing all white on New Year’s Eve. It is supposed to bring good luck for the year to come. Many say this custom came from an African religion called Candomblé that is practiced by some in Brazil up to this day. As a result, Brazilian brands come up with tons of white options for summer, as they know their customers will need a new outfit for New Year’s Eve.

  1. From Monday through Friday, wear Vitorino Campos’ fresh, “it-only-took-me-five-minutes-to-get-ready” style: fitted rib sweater, spacious trousers. Put some Oxfords on to be taken seriously and leave the color for your handbag.


  1. If the warm weather is already lifting your spirit, and you feel ready to hit the beach on the weekend, show off the body you’ve been working hard for in an architectural bathing suit, like Adriana Degreas’. In Brazil, they are the epitome of sophistication.

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  1. However, if you prefer a more traditional bathing suit, but still want to make it stylish, than you can get your inspiration from Brazil’s most elegant beachwear, Lenny. The designer made white fishnet skirts to go over her one-pieces, for leaving the beach in the afternoon.


  1. If you are more of an evening person, and the beach is not your go-to summer spot, you can still rock some urban nightlife whites. Go to Animale, if you wish to go to that film festival or art exhibition wearing a sharp, crisp, supercool garment.

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  1. If you enjoy the V-neck, but want something more fun, let’s say, to go dancing, Reinaldo Lourenço has a 1920’s meets 2010’s dress for you.


  1. Reinaldo Lourenço has been a top Brazilian designer for over 30 years, and one thing he has learned is to offer something for everyone. In the last Såo Paulo Fashion Week he has also showed us a quieter way of wearing all white.This option is particularly appealing if you’ll be entering a spot with heavy air conditioning, as a restaurant in Miami Beach, perhaps.


  1. For those who wish to wear white in a more formal occasion, evening wear specialist Patrícia Bonaldi has given us an all white catwalk of evening dresses for her younger line, PatBo. These are two examples from her collection; one with all white accessories, and one for those of you who still need a little color to get by the summer breeze.

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