Style Guide: What to Wear When You’re in a Rush

By Angela of Explicit Affairs

We all wake up to the torturous ring on our phones in the morning. The noise blares through the room. Maybe you snoozed one time too many and you’re in a rush to make the most of your time before you start running off to start your day.

When you’re in a rush, there a few foolproof outfits that make you look like you spent more time getting ready than you actually did…

  1. Little White Dress

Put a twist to the traditional LBD and opt for a LWD instead. Its clean and crisp color will brighten up your look.

blog angela 1

Photo: Explicit Affairs

2. Boyfriend Shirt

A button down definitely makes you look better kept than you may actually be. If you’re worried about the wrinkles and you’re pressed on time to iron it, opt for an oversized boyfriend shirt. Pair it with ripped jeans or a skirt for a laid back look.

blog angela 2

Photo: Courtesy of Song of Style

3. Athleisure

Put together something sporty and casual with a pair of comfortable shoes and you’re ready to tackle the day ahead.

blog angela 3

Photo: Explicit Affairs

4. Maxi Dress

Skip the outfit arrangement and just throw on a maxi dress. This outfit requires the least amount of planning and you’ll still look great.

blog angela 4

Photo: Explicit Affairs

5. Monochrome

The quickest and easiest outfit to throw on are black jeans and a white top. You can never go wrong with this combo.

blog angela 5

I hope these tips helped you figure out something to wear when you’re pressed for time. Try to not hit the snooze button and wake a little earlier to save yourself from a fashion havoc.

Do what you love and love what you do- you’ll learn that waking up each day will not be so bad after all.

blog angela 6

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