Sorry Not Sari

By Molly Rose

Or sorry I am Sari? Whatever you’re feeling today, know that it’s perfectly alright to don that sari or sari-inspired garment.

Did you know that for Spring 2015 this year “Eastern Girl” is a trend that analysts have predicted will be in season? What does “Eastern Girl” even mean?

According to WGSN, a valuable trend forecasting company, analysts have predicted that “sophisticated tailored jackets worn with Arabian-styled pants to Sari-influenced wrap around details” will shape the new silhouettes this spring season. Feeling inspired? Take a look at some of the wonderful images WGSN has provided for us.


(Pictured from left to right: BCBC Max Azria, Tome, Creatures of the Wind)

What’s great about this “Eastern Girl” silhouette is the fact that it is loose-fitting, and therefore, comfortable. Isn’t that what we strive for today? As shown above, the clothes provide room to move but not at the expense of style; they are still aesthetically sharp and classic because of the soft tones and lustrous surfaces.

Saris— a style of female dress prominent in several South Asian countries—can be worn in at least 80 different ways (Wikipedia). What this tells us is that we need to be more innovative with how we dress. Specifically, we need to figure out how to wear our garments in more than just one way.

Take the chance to experiment with that sari of yours; you won’t be sorry this time, I swear!


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