Looking Back at Fashion Week: Custo Barcelona and Karigam

by Samone Wheeler

                    CustoBarcelonaSpring2016_2                       NYFW-SS16-Karigam-Richard-Gasparro-The-Upcoming-2

Custo Barcelona SS16 Review

This past week, Custo Barcelona, premiered their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Slow. Head designer and namesake, Custo Dalmau is a seasoned veteran at New York Fashion Week. Slow marked Dalmau’s 39th NYFW appearance.

                  CustoBarcelonaSpring2016_47                  CustoBarcelonaSpring2016_43

Slow began as a meditation on the, “culinary movement that rejects that standardization of taste and defends creative, ‘slow cooking’ “. Each garment is painstakingly intricate, featuring geometric patterns, bright colors, and metallic trims. Despite all the frills and sparkles, the collection’s fabrication remains earthy—natural, airy, and breathable. The collection’s color palette follows suit in “petal pink, emerald green, white gardenia, Mediterranean blue, and tangerine”, keeping very much in line with the natural inspiration.

All in all, the collection does not disappoint. It is a celebration of the individuCustoBarcelonaSpring2016_48al who is colorful, cheeky, and ecclectic. It features bold, heavily beaded, patchwork garments inspired by the intricacies of puzzles and ergonomics. One would expect such an inspiration to produce heavy pieces, intricate and overwrought. Ingeniously, Dalmau manages to keep every look light and fresh with a quintessential Mediterranean ease.

Karigam SS16 Review

This week we witnessed the debut of newcomer, Karina Gamez’s, KARIGAM. KARIGAM is a “new, high-end, ready-to-wear apparel brand designed for young, professional, successful, affluent women. KARIGAM speaks directly to successful women: entrepreneurs, business leaders, independent leaders, and over-achievers, making their special mark in the world and carrying themselves with a look that speaks to their commitment to business excellence, clarity of thought, process and structure, with a desire for creative, independent expression.”


KARIGAM is definitely clear in its aesthetic. It is no frills, straight to the point, and aggressive. Each piece is modern, linear, and black and white, with a few subtle neutrals appearing here and there. Every design is structured to perfection, clean and tailored, all the while maintaining a sleek, practical sense of ease.

toni-garrn-at-karigam-fashion-show-in-new-york-_1KARIGAM’s debut marked the culmination of a remarkable journey for Gamez, who immigrated to the United States seven years ago in the pursuit of fashion. Six years later in 2014, she would launch her brainchild, KARIGAM. Impressively, less than two years after its inception, the label finds itself showing at New York Fashion Week.

KARIGAM has certainly gotten off to a strong start. Only time will tell if the brand will continue to captivate us. However, one thing is for certain. Karina Gamez intends to make a name for herself. We will wait in anticipation for what she has in store.


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