Meet Our Authors

molly roseMolly Kestenbaum, whose signature name is Molly Rose, is a sophomore at Cornell University. She is majoring in Fiber Science & Apparel Design and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, where she will someday own a fashion brand based on self-empowerment, connectivity, and togetherness. In addition to her love for design, she loves to write, cook, run, travel, and of course, spend time with her beloved family and friends.

unnamedPayton Vincelette is a fashion blogger interning at Vilasify. Her obsession for all things clothing and style started when she was young and has only gotten worse.  Now, she is a communications student in New York City, with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in fashion studies.

unnamed (2)Paula Bossolani is a sophomore in the Fashion Design Associate Degree at Parsons, and a true fashion enthusiast. After a decade of working as a private banker, she came to New York as a first step to this major career shift. This energetic Brazilian is crazy about sports, loves traveling everywhere and is an avid reader. As her family and friends are still in her home country, she is always online, sharing her experiences with her loved ones.


Samone is a recent graduate of Yale University. She may have been a Political Science major but she definitely has an eye for style. She is the blogger and creator behind Receipt in the Bag. Keep up with Samone here at Vilasify and on Instagram and Twitter @samonewheeler.

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