Dressing For Your Body Shape

by Samone Wheeler

Dressing for your body shape is a great skill to master. It can make clothes infinitely more flattering and comfortable. Unfortunately, finding your body shape can be a little tricky. To help, the five main body shapes are listed below:


Inverted Triangle- Inverted Triangle or “strawberry” shaped ladies have a svelte waist, slim legs, broader shoulders, and a larger bust. Their legs are definitely their best assets. That being said, inverted triangle shapes should not be afraid to play up their bottom half. To do so, they should try out brightly or printed bottoms, wide leg pants, or anything that amps up the lower half. The key to dressing this body type is all about creating the illusion of balance, balancing the volume on top with the illusion of volume on the bottom.

Hourglass- Hourglass figures are known for their killer curves, featuring a bust about the same size as the hips and a well-defined waist. The best way to dress this shape is to show off those curves. Try belts, fitted dresses, wrap dresses, and high waisted skirts to showcase the figure. Hourglass figures should avoid baggy, shapeless clothing. It does them no justice.

Triangle- Triangle or “pear” shapes feature a slim upper body, narrow waist, and fuller hips and bottom. The best features of triangle shapes are definitely their toned waist and upper body. Dressing this body type involves emphasizing the top half to balance the fullness of the bottom. Triangle shapes should avoid clothing that overemphasizes the bottom half, like printed or pocketed skirts, shorts, and pants. Instead, they should look for pieces like ruffled tops, cowl necks, and spaghetti straps to bring attention upward.

Circular- Circular figures, also known as “apple” shapes, have a full midsection, full bust, and narrow hips. Their best assets are their lovely legs. Circular body shapes will want to play up those legs and minimize their middle. To do so, circle shapes should avoid high waisted pants, belts, or anything that draws excessive attention to the middle. Instead, they should give flowy tops, empire waists, and straight leg pants a try.

Rectangle- Rectangle shapes, or “straight” figures, have balanced hips and bust with a less defined waist. Their best features are their lean limbs. The key to this body shape is to emphasize the waist in order to create the illusion of curves. To achieve this rectangle shapes should try sweetheart necklines, cinched waists, and flared pants on for size. In short, rectangle shapes should go for anything that cinches in the waist.

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